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Madresfield C.E. Primary School

'Caring and Challenging' 'Achieving together in a safe, happy, inspiring and Christian environment'

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Madresfield is a Church of England, Voluntary Aided, Primary School for children aged 4-11 years. We are part of the Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust (DoWMAT). We strive to motivate all of our children by teaching them in the way that best suits their learning style. We also encourage the engagement of all parents/carers to support us in optimising each child’s individual development.


‘Caring and Challenging’

Our principal motto is ‘Caring and Challenging’, whereby we support, encourage and challenge all pupils to achieve their full potential by helping them to give their best. Their potential can be academic, physical, social, aesthetic or spiritual, or a mixture of these.


‘Achieve together in a safe, happy, inspiring environment’

The ethos of the school is based around our core values so that we can ‘Achieve together in a safe, happy, inspiring environment’ within a sound Christian background. We aim to create a caring community in which our pupils feel safe, secure, supported and happy and where they can expect to be treated fairly. This ethos creates a family atmosphere where everyone feels they belong and we share our successes and pleasant moments but also communicate our problems. Our School Pastoral team is proactive and works diligently to address a whole range of issues that parents and children raise and wish to discuss.

One of our nicest moments each week is where children share and celebrate personal successes. Stars of the Week are selected in each year group and awards are presented for core learning achievements and to those who demonstrate our ‘half term’ value.



We aim to:

  • create a culture of high expectations and success for every child.
  • give each pupil opportunities to feel successful and special. This can lead to a feeling of greater confidence which can in turn lead to greater achievements - a successful and productive cycle.
  • create good working relationships with all parents
  • draw on the support of all the adults who are working for the best of our pupils. We adopt an ‘open-door’ policy where we hope parents will join us on a termly basis at our Parents’ Evenings to discuss progress and achievement of their child’s curricular targets. We encourage more regular contact if there are circumstances at home or in school that are affecting a child’s progress.

We believe that the above Aims help to create an atmosphere of mutual trust that will enable us to get the best from the pupils in our care.

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