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Madresfield C.E. Primary School

Psalm 119:105 "God's word is a lamp to guide our feet and a light for our path".

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Class 3 2019/2020

Ellie and Dylan's home learning - torpedos

Cam's learning at home

Learning at home - menu and art

Ned's Joke


Mrs Waits - Ned why haven't you done your homework?


Ned - you said it was a piece of cake and I've eaten it!!

Learning at Home - renewable energy

Ethan's home learning

Elliott's home learning

Luke's home learning

Learning at home

Dylan's history work and lockdown reading

Jess's poem, Stuck at Home


Shops are closed

Trouble is here during lockdown

Unpleasant time is covid 19

Kindness is needed


All day the NHS helps us

Troubles will go


Heroes are helping us and saving lives

Open wildlife we can see from the window

Many are scared

Everyone this is no joke.


Jess's Creative writing challenge - Robo Girl

Learning at Home

Isabel's Pavlova recipe

Isabel's home learning

Charlotte's art work and thank you letter


Ellie's learning at home

Josh's joke smiley


Why is the Sun so smart?

It has 1 million degrees!


Josh's home learning

Riven's sunflower from Mrs Hain's science