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Madresfield C.E. Primary School

Psalm 119:105 "God's word is a lamp to guide our feet and a light for our path".

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On a daily basis, we give our pupils attention: we see them, hear them and we notice - perhaps they are wearing a birthday badge or seem quieter than usual. We strive to connect with them in order for them to build positive relationships in school.  This also builds trust and respect between all.  Together we are then able to promote social and emotional wellbeing.


As staff we discuss our worries and concerns and we all know who is our Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mrs Rose and if she is not here we speak to Mr Hackley, Mrs Bradshaw or Mrs Thomas).  We are proactive on behalf of the pupils; the support they may need and deserve is given instantly.  We also know when to bide our time (a little) and wait for the child to seek help.  In addition, we know when it is time as adults to ask for help from colleagues.  We have clear steps to follow if further support is needed from outside agencies for example the school nurse or Early Help.


As a whole-school approach, we have embedded the importance, as well as the impact, of emotional wellbeing on our social interaction with others and our learning.  Without empathy, emotional resilience and the skills to regulate our emotions, we may experience barriers to social interaction and our learning. 


Alongside this, we also use the Trauma Informed Schools (TISUK) approach to support children so that their social and emotional needs are met meaning they are in a right frame of mind to learn. If a pupil needs additional support, parents will be invited to discuss how an intervention may help their child and consent will be sought before any individual assessment or interventions are delivered. 


We provide safe experiences to embed an attitude of resilience.  If it becomes too much, we nurture and co-adventure through trickier times in the hope that next time it won’t feel ‘so big’. We also know that this doesn’t happen as quickly as some would like but experiences along our journey of life, with the occasional obstacles to overcome, does help build our resilience.


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

For more information on how you can further support your child's wellbeing, please see the information on the pages below.