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Madresfield C.E. Primary School

Psalm 119:105 "God's word is a lamp to guide our feet and a light for our path".

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Junior Leadership Team

Madresfield has an active Junior Leadership Team (JLT) comprised of an elected Head Boy and Head Girl who are actively supported by the JLT.  



Head Boy


I am Dylan, the head boy at Madresfield C.E. Primary School. I have made some decisions in my time I have been in this school, for example, the Junior Leadership Team have chosen new equipment for playtime. It makes breaktimes a lot more fun and none of it has been broken. Also, as part of the Junior Leadership Team we have chosen whole school rewards and movies for school to watch once we filled the gem jar!

Head Girl


My name is Olivia and I'm head girl. The role of head girl and being part of the JLT brings many responsibilities like; making decisions, buying new equipment and showing visitors around school. The jobs we do help teachers and other adults, an example is the JLT sticking on apple juice labels and holding stalls at the Christmas fair. We enjoy leading some assemblies and awarding gems to children who are showing our values. 

Deputy Head Girl


Hello, my name is Ellen and I am deputy head girl. I attend to important meetings where my opinion is valued and we make a difference to school. I help sad and lonely children find others to play with at breaktimes. I also give out reward gems during assembly with Dylan (Head Boy)

Deputy Head Boy


I am George, the deputy head boy at Madresfield Primary School. I have made many decisions and given my opinion in my time of being part of the Junior Leadership Team. We have created the names for the School teams, suggested new equipment and taken in valued opinions. 



Hello my name is Charlotte and I am a Year 6 Prefect at Madresfield Primary School. As a Prefect I help make decisions around school and help teachers if they need it! Some examples of the things we have done to help are: finding names for the four school teams as well as putting labels on the bottles of apple juice! I have loved being a Prefect!


Hello, I am Riven, a prefect at Madresfield Primary School and I help make decisions around school. As a prefect I help assist teachers with some job; one of the jobs was putting the apple juice labels on the bottles, another was finding some outside play equipment and another was changing the names for our school houses. The Junior Leadership Team helps with problems that the younger children may have and input any ideas to help make the school a fun and safe place to learn.